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Yeti Frame      Sb66 MEDIUM Turquoise
Yeti Frame Sb66 MEDIUM Turquoise

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Yeti Frame      Sb66 MEDIUM Black
Yeti Frame Sb66 MEDIUM Black

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Switch technology is optimized dual-link design that utilizes an eccentric mechanism that switches direction as the bike moves through its travel. Built into a compact assembly, the eccentric creates a micro-link that continuously repositions the lower pivot of the swing arm, allowing us to create a suspension system with no compromises.

Efficient pedalling. At the beginning of the travel the eccentric link is rotating in a rearward direction, guiding the lower pivot of the swing arm rearward. This counter-clockwise motion coupled with the initial rearward wheel path creates an excellent pedalling platform, making the Yeti SB-66 pedal and climb crisply without sacrificing small bump sensitivity.

Responsive mid-stroke. The flat linear shape of the leverage ratio coupled with Switch Technology allows the bike suspension to be more responsive, especially in the mid-stroke of the travel. This essentially creates a larger "sweet spot", keeping the rider higher in the travel throughout that portion and allowing the suspension to react better to bigger hits. There are no unexpected spikes or wallows so cornering and jumping feel comfortable and consistent throughout the travel.

Continuous travel. Once the SB-66 reaches the inflection point (about 100mm into the travel), the eccentric link starts to rotate in the forward (clockwise) direction. This means that the rate at which the chain stay grows (dCSL) drops off quickly, allowing the suspension to work independently of chain forces and pedal feedback. Because the suspension isn't being impeded by chain growth in the la


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