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Yeti 4Lb Aluminium/Scandium/Carbon LARGE Black
Yeti 4Lb Aluminium/Scandium/Carbon LARGE Black

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A little background on the Big Top. For the past several years, people have asked us about producing a 29er and we were reluctant. Our trails in Colorado didn't seem suited for big wheels and there wasn't a lot of interest from anyone on our staff. When people asked, Conroy used to respond: "We don't make clown bikes." It was all in fun, but some people really got fired up. In retrospect, we probably didn't need to throw fuel on the fire... but it was all good fun.

Then a strange thing happened... the boys in the back started having Shane, our welder, build them 29ers'. We started to get a closet movement at Yeti for big wheels. Since Conroy was always joking about it, they tought he wouldn't approve so they kept in under the radar. One of the core Yeti design principles is that we have to believe in a product before we make it. We clearly had some believers, so we gave this core group of Yeti employees an engineer and gave them the green light to develop a 29er. For the first time, Steve and I (co-owners of Yeti) kept out of the process to see what would develop. In the end, they did a great job and the product has been very well received. Certainly Yeti-worthy.

So, the name... Seemed only appropriate to call it the Big Top

4lb weight!

Ring or email us for info on build kits/frameset options.


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