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Fulcrum Wheelset Racing 7 Clincher Black
Fulcrum Wheelset Racing 7 Clincher Black
MPN: FULC0146310

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The new Racing 7 for 2014 has a reduced weight of 90g and an increased reactivity of 2%.

Steel spokes with 2mm cross-section: Provide high levels of tension and stiffness.
Oversized flange on the drive side: Provides greater torsional stiffness increases reactivity at each change in rhythm of the pedal stroke.
Superior quality steel balls on sealed cyclindrical bearings: Reduce friction and ensure consistent performance over time.
Fulcrum brings you the perfect training/everyday use wheel in the Racing 7.
Fulcrum 2:1 spoke ratio on rear wheel double the number of spokes on the drive side for greater wheel stability and improved power transfer in the rear wheel. 20 straight pull steel spokes on front wheel24 on rear.
Hubs made for straight spokes: aluminium-made and with a large flange on the drive-side of the rear wheel to increase reaction.
Includes Fulcrums new Wear Indicator system so you know when the rims are nearing their limit.
Weights: Front 815g Rear 945g (not including quick release)


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